LUNCH BOX have two different kind of type. LUNCH BOX use a 25gram of heating element. It is useful, when you in travel, picnic, fishing and etc. also for warm up the food. Please try to use the portable product of DALAT.


RAOUND PACK use single of heat element. It is 40gram. 

ROUND PACK is suitable for heat up the food include liquid. eg. soup, stew and ect.. DALAT HEATING CONTAINER is easy to use when you need hot food. It is simple and portable. Please get an experience feel free to when you use the DALAT.



PARTY PACK use a couple of heating element. It has same weight of heating element in LUNCH BOX. PARTY PACK is good to use for family gathering, business ceremony, meeting and etc.. When you need to handle of a lot of foods. It can keep the heat on food more than 30 minutes. It can long maintain of heat insulation. Please come and feel the heat of the DALAT.